Group exhibition The Art of Escapism at the Melkweg Expo, June 2021


The Art of Escapism exhibition depicts the desire to enter a new reality and escape from everyday life. Inspired by the oeuvre of Holland Festival’s associate artist Gisèle Vienne, Melkweg Expo presents multiple artists from different disciplines whose work depicts contemporary escapism. The exhibition examines the phenomenon of a collective delirium, one in which time and space follow different rules and where the physical body can defy reason.





Premiere The One Minutes: New Normalism
Curated by Arnoud Holleman

The One Minutes series New Normalism is now online on the website of Het Nieuwe Instituut.

"14 visual artists and filmmakers imagine life after quarantine in The One Minute series New Normalism. One-minute videos sent in from Belgium, Hungary, The Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom were selected for this edition, curated by Arnoud Holleman."


My one minute video Spotless, 2020 is now online under: video.

20.06.2020 – 18.07.2020


Group Exhibition (re)construct

at Josilda da Conceição Gallery

08.06.2019 – 29.06.2019
Solo Exhibition at Upstream Gallery


Upstream Gallery proudly presents See the light, the first solo presentation by Fabian Landewee.


In this body of work, the artist visually explores concepts of seeing, looking, perception and visibility. Turning his lens onto the places where images are produced, he aims to deconstruct the idea of photography. Landewee takes the viewer behind the scenes of image-making, showing us photographers capturing the runway during fashion week; the LEDs that illuminate Rio de Janeiro’s famous statue of Christ the Redeemer or the eye testing equipment at an optician’s exam room. The relation between desire and the photographic medium is a recurring theme.


Following his increasing interest in the physical nature of photographs as objects, Landewee started to integrate sculpture in his practice. In Headlight, the industrial finish of the seductive object – a pars pro toto for a car as a highly desirable commodity – contrasts starkly with the earthly, unfired clay, in which the artist’s fingerprints are still visible. The sculpture results from a further investigation into themes that were already present in Landewee’s earlier works in photography, such as reflection, material desire, illumination, object fetishism and the photographic body.


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07.06.2019 – 23.06.2019
Group Exhibition at MOMus Experimental Center for the Arts,

Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival






















My video 'Untitled, 2017' is on view from the 7th till the 29th of June at the MOMus Experimental Center for the Arts in Thessaloniki as part of the Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival.


47 artists from Greece and abroad participate in this exhibition, which is part of the Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, and is titled “What is Eros?” The artists use different expressive media, such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance in order to examine fluidity and freedom, to pose questions about identity, sex and sexuality in art.






Headlight (1), 2019

Filmstill, Untitled, 2017

Published in:
Der Greif issue 12, guest edited by Broomberg and Chanarin

















Issue 12, entitled "Blame the Algorithm", guest edited by challenges our way of looking at and perceiving images. It asks if and how we may all be complicit to an ongoing commodification of imagery by using social media. Featuring the work of 85 artists and photographers, as well as excerpts from a four-hour interview with a former Facebook content moderator, conducted by Broomberg & Chanarin.